Ingenieurbüro Michael Jenke


  • "I worked alongside Michael for a few years and found him extremely well organised and professional. This, combined with his command of the English language, puts him in the top 10 people I have worked with during my career." Martyn Gill (Business Development Director - EMEA at Lighthouse Systems, specialising in MES Operational and Manufacturing Excellence)
  • "It was a pleasure to work with Michael during his time in ATS. Michael's hand-on approach to managing the business won him the respect of both internal and external stakeholders. Michael is not only a reliable and forward-thinking Manager but also an inspiring team player with an ability to enhance the performance of people, customers and partners fortunate enough to have him as an employee." Kevin Partington (COO (EMEA) - Guiding Manufacturers to achieve Sustainable Operational Excellence through the provision of Digital Transformation Solutions and Services)
  • "Michael is a conscientious, thoughtful and intelligent manager. He did an outstanding job bridging the business initiatives between Auto-trol's Dusseldorf and Denver offices. I appreciate his command of the English language and have always enjoyed Michael's keen sense of humor." Heather Cushman (Controller - BHE U.S. Transmission at Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company)
  • "I worked with Michael for many years while I was under subcontract to Auto-trol. During that time, Michael moved from development to project management and finally to General Manager. Up to the end of his relationship with Auto-trol, Michael was fair and honest in his treatment of fellow workers and he was always willing to listen to new ideas and open to differences of opinion. He was also always looking for ways to improve business efficiency and was very keen on self-development, taking foreign language classes, for example. I enjoyed working for Michael." John Matthews (CEO at InGraData GmbH)